It was an otherwise unremarkable winter’s night. Snow was falling soft on the pines outside while the artificial tree in the living room was its own tilted, twinkling wonder.

It turns out that having four kids ages 8 and under means a Christmas tree is going to tip over a few times a season, even if said season is shortened to only a tree-graced week or so.

Since the New Year is about to begin, I figured today was the day to get this blog thang in motion.

It also turns out that said blog cannot become a thing without a title.

“I just need something simple that describes our life,” I told my husband who is at the technological helm of my revitalized blogging enterprise as I flipped through a gourmet baking recipe book.

As we rattled off a litany of possibilities, the boys rumbled through the living room. Rolling around with or without lightsabers at any given moment, I simultaneously tried to think of names, consequences and the feasibility of being able to recreate chocolate souffles and hand rolled fortune cookies with toddlers underfoot.

We thought of nicknames and pen names. Witty catchphrases. Smart and chic nods to my French heritage. Titles to glamorize and pretense-ify my homemaking existence. “This Provincial Life”? “A Slice of Wisdom”? “Domesticity and Dessert”? Possibilities were squashed by digital squatters and feelings of just-not-quite-right-ness.

Meanwhile, the boys and baby girl tore through costumes and books. They got themselves cups of milk that were spilled, poured to overflowing, and abandoned altogether as they took turns drinking from the jug.

Mr. Technology and I turned to the blog name generator.

“What is an adjective that describes your life?” My husband read.


And then the verb. I stopped indexing a list of fancy cakes and cookies as I realized I could just state the obvious. Baking wasn’t alliterative enough, so…

The potty training toddler wandered into the bathroom in a diaper and out in goggles and a sweater. The baby girl chewed off the top of a dark blue marker.

“Chaos and Cooking is available!” Mr. Technology delightedly proclaimed.

“Are you sure? What about Organized Chaos? Or Boys and Baking?” I wondered aloud.

“Just take what you can get.” He answered as he crafted a logo with four bunnies and a frying pan.

“It kind of looks like teeth and a lollipop,” I told him.

He deleted some bunnies.

“Okay, maybe just a tooth and a lollipop.”

And then, with a click of his mouse and a roll of his eyes, this cyber journal was born.

The baby girl opened the dishwasher, pulled out the bottom rack stuffed with dirty dishes and started pushing it around the kitchen floor as I typed my first entry. Then, slipping a string of my grandma’s beads over a bird wing of blonde hair and letting it fall onto a pink and gold unicorn sweater, she looked up at me and flashed a blue teeth and tongue smile.

Yes, Baby Girl. In this moment, I am happy too.